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Are you intimidated by Photoshop CC and believe it's only for experienced Designers?

Think again!

I'm a 100% self-taught Photoshop user (with no formal design training) who has used the program to earn thousands of dollars in T-shirt royalties over the last few years.

If I can learn it, you can too!

  • Customize the Photoshop interface to your liking
  • Discover shortcuts to work more efficiently
  • Learn about the most commonly used tools and windows

  • Quickly and easily distress text and objects (the worn look)
  • Arc text above and below elements the RIGHT way
  • Learn about pairing fonts

Think about it. Objects are nothing but shapes that are merged together.

Once you learn how to create, warp and manipulate them in Photoshop, you can create almost anything.

In this course you'll learn how to...

  • Draw new shapes
  • Trace existing shapes
  • Slice, color, merge, and warp shapes to create shape-based objects like you see in the above T-shirts (no drawing experience necessary).
  • Create your own custom shapes from scratch for quick re-use

All of my top-selling Merch By Amazon designs from last Halloween contain basic cartoon images I created in Photoshop.

One of Photoshop's best features is that you can download free add-ons from the Web.

This opens up a world of creation opportunities and I will show you how to use these free add-ons to create your own patterns/background textures.

  • Move around Photoshop CC with ease
  • Use the basic Photoshop tools to create and modify text and shapes
  • Quickly create almost any shape-based object you want using either the shape or pen tool
  • Make use of Photoshop shortcuts to save time
  • Create your own patterns and texture

This course is for people who...

  • Have ZERO design experience
  • Have no previous experience working in Photoshop CC
  • Want to learn the fundamentals of Photoshop CC tools quickly
  • If you have an older version of Photoshop you can still follow along just fine. (A few tools may have moved around.)

Preview the full course curriculum at the bottom of the page.

  • It only focuses on the tools and features that are necessary for the lessons so you don't feel overwhelmed.
  • It doesn't waste time on tools, features and details that are irrelevant to beginners who just want to learn the fundamentals.

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Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby


My name is Lisa Irby. I've been working online full time since 2006 and have been earning with POD since 2011. I earn thousands per month passively by creating T-shirt designs in numerous niches.

I look forward to helping you learn more about Print On Demand and grow your income.

Hope to see you in class!

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2.0 hrs

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