Course Description

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Lisa Irby

My name is Lisa Irby. I've been working online full time since 2006 and have been earning with POD since 2011. I earn thousands per month passively by creating T-shirt designs in numerous niches.I look forward to helping you learn more about Print On Demand and grow your income.Hope to see you in class!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Finding Keywords & Niches

    • A Word About Your Ideas and Keywords

    • Demand Before Ideas

    • How to Find Good Keywords To Target

    • An Alternative Keyword Research Strategy

    • How to Easily Find New Sellers & Potential Trends

    • Finding Trends & Creating a Fresh Idea Within a Trend

    • Newest Arrival Strategy Update

    • A Huge Merch T-Shirt Title Mistake Most Newbies Make

    • How Amazon's Sales Engine Works

    • A Keyword Mistake That Prevents Sales

    • The Backdoor Approach to Ranking for Competitive Keywords

    • The Multi-Use T-Shirt Keyword Strategy

    • Common Characteristics of My Best Sellers

    • Evergreen Topics vs Hot Trends

    • Tier Advice for Merch By Amazon

    • Revealing My New Shirt That Sold in Feb 2019

    • Revealing More Shirts That Sold on Same Keyword [March 2019]

    • Topic & Niche Selection Tips

  • 2

    All About Creativity

    • The 3 Step Guide to Creating a Shirt That Sells

    • Applying The 3 Step Guide To A T-Shirt Idea

    • A Brainstorming Exercise to Help You Create T-Shirts for Trends

    • Watch Me Research A Shirt Idea That Sold Very Well

    • Creating Your Own Clichés

    • Exercise: Cliché Creation

    • Steps to Researching and Creating a Clever Shirt

    • Using The Previous Example to Develop Your Own Ideas

    • Winning Shirt Ideas Inside "The Opposites"

    • Creating Clever Holiday Phrases You Can Scale

    • Making Lateral Moves

    • Developing Winning Concepts You Can Replicate

    • Exercise: Develop Your Own Winning Concepts

    • Update on Shirt Sales From Last Lecture

    • 3 Is The Magic Number & My Successful Halloween Strategy

    • An Idea For Creating Funny, Parody Designs

    • Parody Design Summary

  • 3

    Merch By Amazon SEO & Ranking Shirts

    • How to Sell a T-Shirt With No Bullets

  • 4

    Inspiration Station

    • Gaining Inspiration From Best Sellers to Create Unique Designs

    • How to Use Facebook for Inspiration

    • Picture Aisle Inspiration

    • Gaining Store Inspiration

    • Inspiration vs. Copying

  • 5

    All About Text Designs & Fonts

    • How to Create Custom Handwritten Fonts in Minutes!

    • My Font Secret Weapon

  • 6

    Protecting Your Merch Account

    • Tips for Keeping Your Account Safe

    • How to Thoroughly & Accurately Check Trademarks

  • 7

    Ongoing Tips & Strategies [Email Archive]

    • About This Section

    • Why Your Shirts Aren't Selling [Email 3-24-18]

    • More Holiday Tips [Email 3-27-18]

    • Additional Keyword Tips [Email 4-6-18]

    • First Person Rocks! [Email 4-21-18]

    • Struggling With Creativity? [Email 4-28-18]

    • Getting Ahead With Merch [Email 5-5-18]

    • Staying Competitive With Your Designs [Email 5-19-18]

    • My New Keyword Research Strategy [Email 6-3-18]

    • Selling Shirts In Less Than a Week [Email 6-30-18]

    • Selling Unique Trend Ideas [Email 7-27-18]

    • Your Merch Shirt Rankings [Email 8-15-18]

    • Tips & Strategies for Christmas [Email 8-23-18]

    • My Secret to Merch Success Is... [Email 10-9-18]

    • Tips for Christmas Designs [Email 10-30-18]

    • A 2018 Merch Christmas Trend - Jump On It! [11-18-18]

    • A Merch Niche You Can Exploit [Email 12-13-18]

    • Valentine's Day Ideas & Dealing With Q1 Slump [Email 12-20-18]

    • Another Creative Valentine's Day Tip [Email 1-17-19]

    • What's a "Good" Niche in 2019? [Email 3-19-19]

  • 8


    • Summary & Action Steps

    • Link to Private Group

    • The Merch By Amazon Design & Upload Checklist (Download)